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  • The Powerful and Effective Massage Techniques From The East

    Our bodies are toiling. The physical labor, the pollution, the low-grade food and the mental churning at the job and at home. The mental pressures churn us every day and that takes a toll on the physical form. And when the mind and body are not in the proper form our optimal capabilities are not […]

  • How to make Ayurveda an important source for good health

    Many of us make a common mistake of comparing Ayurveda with modern medicine and during the debate, limit our understanding of Ayurveda. For one, it is not only about offering a cure, so there is no need to compare it to an allopathic medicine only. And, on the other side, it is nothing about an […]

  • Astikas and Nastikas – The Philosophies of Hindu Dharma

    Philosophy is the theory of all things practical. Oh, the irony! The sum of individual experiences, knowledge, and reality. But isn’t it also the truth that each one sees, perceives and analyzes things differently. Based on such knowledge and life experience everybody can come to lead their own philosophies, some are labeled Orthodox some heterodox. […]

  • Raja Yoga

    Here is why Yoga is known as path to unite with God in Hindu Dharma

    Yoga is a Sanskrit word when translated to English means union. Yoga is the union between individual consciousness and the Infinite consciousness or God. Yoga is both spiritual and physical, which teaches that people should attempt to unite the individual spirit to God, to atman – the individual soul or essence of a person – […]

  • relationship between Hinduism, Sanatana Dharma and Yoga

    Relationship between Sanatana Dharma and Yoga

    Hindu Dharma is not a religion of dogma but is a vast culture having its own scientific and artistic theories. It is the modern version of what we call as Sanatana Dharma. The principles of the eternal order take a person to the pathways of self-discovery. These have their roots in Vedic lineages comprehensive of […]

  • Your hands have the power to heal, says Hinduism and Buddhism

    You can create different posture from your hands. They are called ‘mudras’. It is said that mudras can influence the physical, emotional and spiritual energies of your body. It’s a very common practice in the East, and they are used by spiritual leaders in both Hinduism and Buddhism. In the modern era, yogis and other […]

  • famous yoga retreats in India

    Famous Yoga Retreats in India to balance your mind, body and soul

    India is the country where Yoga was born and now it has spread its wings to different regions in the world. For sure, the country India strikes your mind when you think about meditation and spirituality. Yoga is the way of achieving the union of spirit and universe. Far from the hubbub of cities are […]

  • Does Yoga belong to Hinduism?

    There is no second question about it. Yes, Yoga belongs to Hinduism. More accurately, however, Yoga is Indic since the idea grew over centuries and was also developed and improvised by Buddhists, Jains, and lot of people in the subcontinent. As noted in many of the previous articles, the term Hindu was given by Persians […]

  • Seven Relaxation Techniques To Unwind If You’re Over Stressed Up

    Undeniably, we are extremely busy in our lives. We are unable to find enough time for others, in fact, not even for ourselves at times. The sad truth is, we are so busy running the rat race that we don’t have time to unwind ourselves, to relax a little.  We do not have time to […]

  • Why ‘Wellness Vacation’ Should Top The List of Your Vacations of the Year

    There are various reasons to travel. For some of us, it’s an escape from our daily routine. For others, it’s a chance to discover new things, learn, and come out of our comfort zones. Over the years, a new reason for travel has gained up popularity, and is continuing to gain more; Travel to improve […]

  • Surya Namaskar can literally change your life – Science and Logic Behind It.

    The planets revolve around the Sun; Life begins with the sun. Hence it holds great importance to us- scientifically and religiously. Performing Surya Namaskars, Sun Salutation we are respecting and celebrating the source of all life forms. Let us know the science and logic that goes into performing Surya Namaskar. The Solar Plexus According to […]

  • 10 Areas In Which India Beats The Most Powerful Countries In The World

    India, a land of a billion plus people achieving feats no one ever imagined. That’s how aptly you can concoct present India’s definition in words. While we are still largely a developing country, there are certain areas where we stand far above the developed nations. Here are 10 things that will make every Indian proud! […]