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  • The concept of atoms was actually formulated by an Indian Sage 2600 years ago

    The Vaishesika system is one of the six Hindu schools of philosophy from ancient India. Acharya Kanada in around 6th to 2nd Century BCE presented his detailed atomic theory in Vaisheshika-Sutra. Basically, Vaisheshika is a pluralistic realism. Acharya Kanada is also known as Kashyap. Concept of Atoms was actually formulated by Acharya Kanada Est. 2500 years […]

  • Vedas had predicted the speed of light way before modern science

    Just for a second, think of yourself as an archaeologist digging in Antarctica and finding an inscription that reads 186,000 miles per second, the speed of light. Do you think what you found would be accepted by the scholars? Most probably not. Instead, you would be labeled as a fraud seeking to find fame with […]

  • Vedic version of the Planetary System – Vedic Cosmology

    Vedic cosmology and cosmography are both interesting and inspiring. Today’s “modern” Vedic texts originated 3,000 B.C. This is not only the oldest scientific but also the oldest religious doctrine is known to human race. Our current astronomy of solar system and universe has its roots in the Vedic knowledge. It only goes to show that […]

  • The Vedic Rishis are pride of India – Here are the Reasons

    About eight years ago, there was a news on the national paper with Jairam Ramesh, then Minister of State for Environment and Forests, stating, “India is losing at least 2000 patents every year on traditional formulations as the knowledge on these has never been documented.” The question is, “Do they really know if the ancient […]

  • 16 Amazing Scientific Reasons Behind Hindu Rituals

    We live in a world where the nuclear family is chosen over joint family, and people move on with their busy lives that family has become of lesser importance than personal and professional growth. As part of that, we have been slowly giving up our tradition and rituals because we have been thinking that they […]

  • The Concept of Multiverse in Hinduism – Hindu Cosmology

    In Hindu cosmology, it is said that the universe is cyclically created and destroyed. Deeply rooted in the texts of Hindu literature, including the Vedas and the Puranas, is the belief time is divided into four epochs or Yuga, of which we occupy the final. In roughly 432,000 years, it is believed that the Avatar […]

  • Why Same Gotra Marriage is forbidden? – The Science Behind Gotra System

    There is a scientifically based system in Hinduism that associates a person with the ancestors of the unbroken male lineage. This system is known as Gotra system. Let’s say, if a person is associated with Bharadwaja Gotra, then s/he is linked to the ancient Rishi Bharadwaja. Almost all Hindus practice the Gotra system. There are […]

  • Unibrow Close Up

    This is why people have Unibrows, Science Says

    Different people have different types of eyebrows. Some have arched ones, some have clocked shadows, some have furry unibrows. There has been a new study that shows the roots of the hairy variation. It found how genes can cause curly versus stick-straight hair, as well as the tendency to become bald or go grey. The researchers […]

  • A research shows a word can sound ’round’ or ‘sharp’

    Perception is a complex thing. When we hear certain sounds, we try to perceive it as having a specific shape. There is a new research in Psychological Science (a Journal of Association for Psychological Science) that studies how these perceptions are fundamental before our consciousness takes over. Such experiment had already been done 85 years […]

  • 9 Types Of Pain That Are Directly Linked To Emotional States

    9 Types Of Pain That Are Directly Linked To Emotional States

    Physical pain is directly linked to our emotional state.The western medicine usually neglects the link between the emotions, spirit, and the body. However, if you start paying more attention to the signs your body sends, and experience the links between the physical and emotional, you will be able to holistically understand, detect, and treat your issues […]

  • Why are most people right-handed? Scientists analysed 1.8 million years old Teeth

    One of the traits that make humans different than other species is our preference for using right hand. It has been estimated that 90% of humans are right-handed, according to Scientists believe that this preference of handedness has played a vital role in the evolution of humans. A recent study in that studied […]

  • 5 Biotechnology breakthroughs that were already invented by Hindu gods

    Ever since the birth of science, humans have been playing god. From building atomic bombs and exterminating thousands in one drop to medical miracles that has saved lives of many, science has been able to take a natural process to another level. It’s even more evident in the biotechnological breakthroughs. But what if I tell […]