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  • Lord Indra – Vedic god of rain and thunder

    For many, the Vedas are books of scriptures to guide one’s mind through Hindu religion. But truth be told Vedic and Hindu are very philosophically different. While Hindu Dharma is polytheistic Vedic is Monotheistic on a macro level. Hindu Vs Vedic Many believe due to several splits that occurred after the Dasarajna war, different tribes […]

  • The Origin of Gandharvas and Beautiful Apsaras in Hindu Dharma

    Hindu Religion is home to many mystical creatures each bestowed with their own existence purpose and role in the cosmic harmony. The Gandharvas are often associated with music while the Apsaras are known for their beauty which often plays the catalyst in bringing down a deeply meditating guru or a Rakshasa (demon). They are portrayed as […]

  • Dhanvantari – The physician of the Devas and the god of Ayurveda

    Known as a physician of the Devas, Dhanvantari is a celebrated figure amongst the practitioners of Ayurveda. They celebrate Dhanvantari’s birthday on Dhanteras every year too. In Sanatana-dharma, praying to Dhanvantari is supposed to bring sound health for worshippers. There are many instances and references to Dhanvantars in the history, all belonging to different eras […]

  • The Concept of Brahman in Vedas is Beyond any Concept of Absolute

    First, let us analyze what Hindu Dharma holds to be the Absolute. In Sanskrit, the ultimate goal, or shall be say, the Absolute of Hindu Dharma is “Brahman”. The word derives from the root “brh”, meaning “that which grows” (brhati) or “Which causes to grow” (brhmayati). Is Brahman “God”? When we talk about Brahman, most […]

  • Vedic version of the Planetary System – Vedic Cosmology

    Vedic cosmology and cosmography are both interesting and inspiring. Today’s “modern” Vedic texts originated 3,000 B.C. This is not only the oldest scientific but also the oldest religious doctrine is known to human race. Our current astronomy of solar system and universe has its roots in the Vedic knowledge. It only goes to show that […]

  • Lord Sri Venkateswara

    Gods who rule your Moon Sign (Rashi) and Shlokas to please them

    While some people believe their lives are strongly influenced by the planets and their movements, some believe its hoax planted by men to milk naive people. Of the eighteen Puranas of Vedas, Agni Purana puts forward Astrology not as a mere belief but as factual as Science itself. According to Agni Purana,“Those who know their […]

  • Adi Sankara – The Person Who Saved Vedic Dharma in India

    Also known as Adi Shankaracharya, Adi Sankara is why the Vedic Dharma in India exists today. During his days, the forces that opposed Vedic religion was greater and in more numbers than they are today. There was a chaos in matter of religion and philosophy in India. Religions and sects such as Charvakas, Lokayathikas, Kapalikas, […]

  • Things Everyone should Know about the Vedas

    Thе meaning оf thе word ‘VEDA’ іѕ knowledge. It іѕ derived frоm thе root ‘vid’ whісh means ‘to know’. Bу VEDA wе imply thе eternal knowledge оf thе Omnipresent аnd Omniscient God whісh іѕ рrоvіdеd tо humans аt beginning оf human creation. VEDAS represent thе eternal knowledge. But іf уоu convert thеm іntо auditory senses, […]

  • Why Vedic Astrology is important to everyone?

    The lines on your palms are the lines of your destiny. The lines and the intersection of these lines contain the secrets that can only be unveiled by Vedic Astrologer. But what is Vedic Astrology? Everyone has heard of astrology. In the western astrology, it is all about the sun signs. Vedic Astrology is completely […]

  • 6 Famous International Physicists who were influenced by Hinduism

    Science and religion don’t normally go together. We’ve seen scientists dissing out people with religious beliefs, and vice versa. While religion might not be “logical” to some, but Hinduism has proven to have some science behind it. And as such, there are scientists who have been influenced by Hinduism. Here are some of the international […]

  • 5 Biotechnology breakthroughs that were already invented by Hindu gods

    Ever since the birth of science, humans have been playing god. From building atomic bombs and exterminating thousands in one drop to medical miracles that has saved lives of many, science has been able to take a natural process to another level. It’s even more evident in the biotechnological breakthroughs. But what if I tell […]

  • Here is What You Should Know About 330 Million Gods in Hinduism

    Numerous times have we heard gurus, elders utter this sentence, 33 Koti gods of Hindus. In a simple sense, they could be talking about 330 million gods in Hinduism, or 33 crore gods, since Koti means crore. But if we dig deeper into Sanskrit and Vedas, Koti means type, not crore. So basically we are talking […]