10 Breathtaking Historical Photos with Strong stories to tell

1. Georges Blind, a member of the French resistance, smiling in front of a firing squad, 1944.


2. The Gadget. The first atomic bomb was called The Gadget and was detonated at 05:29:21 of 16 July 1945 on a ramp 30 meters high post in the desert of New Mexico.


3. The Coca Cola arrives in France – 1950


4. A woman hides her face in shame after having “sold” her children in Chicago, 1948.


5. Concert of The Beatles for 18 people. On Dec. 9, 1961, The Beatles play for 18 people at the Palais Ballroom in Aldershot, a town in Hampshire. The Beatles were not yet known.


6. The last public execution by guillotine. Eugen Weidmann was the last criminal to have been publicly executed by guillotine. It was June 17, 1939.

guillotine in front of a large crowd

7. Self immolation of Buddhist monk. Saigon, 11 June 1963. The Buddhist monk Thich Quang Duc is in Saigon, Vietnam, to protest against the policies of oppression of the Buddhist religion by the government of South Vietnam. He sits in the middle of the road and burns himself to death, immortalized by the lenses of Malcolm Browne.


8. The Pulitzer shot. Nguyễn Ngọc Loan executing Nguyễn Văn Lém on February 1, 1968 in Saigon, Vietnam. This photograph gave Eddie Adams (photographer) the Pulitzer Prize one year later.


9. Nikola Tesla In His Laboratory, Sitting Behind His “Magnifying Transmitter”


10. Austrian Boy’s Moment Of Pure Happiness After Receiving New Shoes During WWII


Source: quora.com, wikipedia.org

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