15 Lessons To Learn from Mahabharata for Everyone

The epic tale Mahabharata is something everyone should read at least once in their life. Even if you are not into mythology and religion, this book will still hold great value in your life. So, if you haven’t, it’s time that you did. If you have, then you can relate to these lessons:

1. Life is not about just being kind, humble and generous

This world is a cruel, cruel place. You should realize it sooner than you can. Karna’s life is the perfect example of how life as we know is difficult.

2. Bad company is indeed bad for you

Shakuni mama is one character that every reader hates. He destroyed what Kauravas owned and forced them to be the way they are: completely negative. If you analyze the epic, the whole war started because of his one decision.

3. But you will need loyal friends and unconditional support

Lord Krishna always backed Pandavas, while Karna always backed Kauravas. It was because of Krishna and Karna, that the two parties became stronger. Without Karna, Duryodhan was completely weak.

4. One must think if one wants to have many kids

There were 100 Kauravas. Yes, 100 of them fighting for the same thing. To be practical, just think how had they even divided that entire empire amongst that many sons.

5. It’s important to learn cooking and cleaning

It is necessary to be occupied with life. Cooking and cleaning will allow you to do so, and is also less stressful. It will definitely make your life easy. This is what Pandava’s life in exile teaches us.

6. Fight for what belongs to you

There is something that rightfully belongs to you. And then there is something that you think you deserve. What is rightfully yours? You need to contemplate on it and fight for it. Pandavas never stopped what belonged to them.

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7. It is not good to be TOO emotional

Love is blind, as the saying goes. Such was the same for Dhritarashtra and his love for his son. He was always torn throughout the epic to follow his principles and to take actions to keep his son happy. This made him even more evil that he really was. Wars followed where he went.

8. The best gift that you can gift yourself is to keep your learning curve upwards

Arjun was a master of learning. He took whatever came his way. He learned the best of military science from Drona, learned about divine weapons from Indra, learned about Pashupatastra from Mahadev, and whenever he could, he treated Yudhisthir and Krishna as his mentor.

9. Enemies can be friends, at times

Yes, Kauravas were greater in number, but even their supporters were not really committed to them. Bheeshma, Vidura and Drona admired Pandavas too.

10. No man can always protect his woman


Draupadi’s husbands were all strong and healthy (all five of them). But still, they could not help Draupadi when disgraced by other men. They failed to show courage in such situation.

11. Little knowledge is a dangerous thing

If one understands how Abhimanyu died, then one can say that he died because of half knowledge.

12. A woman’s anger is dangerous

She will either curse you or destroy you. She won’t stop until her wants are fulfilled. Draupadi’s anger and her need for revenge led to the downfall of Kuru clan.

13. Passion is everything

Who’s the best archer in that era? You might be guessing it’s Arjun. No. It was Eklavya. While Drona was teaching Arjun, he hid behind the trees and learned everything he had to learn about archery that way. And his passion for archery led to the thirst for more knowledge about archery, and thus was better than Arjun.

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14. Don’t make someone feel he/she is not desired

It is going to come back and bite you. When Arjun dismissed Urvashi, she cursed him to be a eunuch for a year.

15. Everything lies in strategy

It’s always good to plan, even though plans fail at times. When that happens, it is necessary to have a backup plan in place. The way Pandavas won the war was because Krishna had his master plan.

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