7 Best Architectural Masterpieces In The World For Height Junkies

There are many people who are scared of heights and cities are growing upwards. New skyscrapers and other architectural achievements continue to appear and amaze us with their uniqueness. However, if heights make your heart soar and you are addicted to adrenaline, have a look at the best projects that pushed modern architecture to new heights.

The Troll’s Path, Norway

Image Source – BBC
Image Source – baunetzwissen

Glass-bottomed suspension bridge, China


Image Source – BBC
Image Source – therakyatpost

Rooftop swimming pool at the Marina Bay Sands hotel, Singapore

Image Source – handluggageonly
Image Source – Florine
Image Source

Cliff House, an extraordinary rental accommodation, Australia

Image Source – BBC
Image Source – prask.nova

House in the rock, Greece

Image Source – BBC
Image Source – kabudul

Ritz Carlton and Holiday Inn hotels, Shanghai

Image Source – BBC
Image Source – arttravel

The source: ВВС | Thumbnail photo credit: Florine

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