Artist creates minimalistic tattoos using one continuous line

A Berlin-based tattoo artist, Mo Ganji specializes in single line tattoos. That means one continuous line completing a masterpiece that has been turning heads all over the globe. His tattoos are usually all black and white, figural and simple. Each tattoo is breathtaking and it relates to the artist’s own views of mastering a simple and honest life. Most of them are trees, animals or flowers; just the things which are most natural and beautiful to do a tattoo of. You can follow Mo Ganji’s Instagram to see his beautiful work of art. They are amazing!

Flower with a single line, beautiful and gentle.

Wonderful rose tattoo.

Stunning deer tattoo.

Powerful bull tattoo.

Half portrait of a woman; strange and modern, all at once.

Hokusai wave, amazing!

Stunning tattoo of a bird. Soft and beautiful.

For all bicycle lovers out there.

Another striking deer tattoo.

Lightbulb, unusual but cool.

Tree in the most original way!

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