Know how Sanskrit can help you learn more

Sanskrit is the fine ancient Indian language and anybody who wishes to know more about the vast cultural history and roots of India should ideally know the language or at least be familiar to be able to decipher the Indian history better. Sanskrit surely is the backbone of the complete Hindu philosophy.

Do you know how Sanskrit can help you in the present times?

  • If you know Sanskrit, you can learn from the immense cultural heritage, traditions, and value of Indian culture. Hinduism is a concept which reflects upon the good way of life involving human unity, Hindu values, and strong cultural bonding.
  • It is the most advanced language and can help you learn the grammar rules, syntax and improve your vocabulary for instance.
    • It forms the basis of many English words like Pithar in Sanskrit means Father; Maathar means mother; Svasar means sister and Duhitar mean Daughter.
    • Sanskrit is the root of use of word ‘speech’ or ‘speaking’ in English. The Sanskrit Vaach means speaking and this is how it is used in all English word forms. Vaak means speech and Vaameanmeans ‘by speaking’.
    • Also, Te in Sanskrit is they; Saa is she; Idam is it and Me’ is me.
  • The grammar rules in Sanskrit are perfect and it uses Devanagari script. You can access the scripts using various computer programs, making Sanskrit easy to learn with software.
  • There are many original Sanskrit based records on the internet and a simple Google search can help you understand it a bit. You can even access Sanskrit words written on palm leaves not preserved digitally.
  • If you wish to read the rich ancient Vedic texts like Mahabharata, Ramayan, Geeta, in its original form, try downloading the first-written text (in Sanskrit) from the internet
  • You also have an option to avail lucrative job opportunities to teach Sanskrit in top foreign universities like Oxford to Harvard. The top (14) German universities teach the language.
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The contemplation of making Sanskrit a primary level learning language in the school is a welcome option. The fact that we have easy access to understanding Sanskrit in its practical form through the internet is a good way to master the language. You can also learn Sanskrit through reciting the Hindu prayers and finding more meaning in it, by seeking translation of the words and phrases used.

The beautiful history of India is captured in its most authentic form only in Sanskrit and now you can easily interpret the original meaning of these texts including the rich Vedas and Upanishads which are all available online and can be downloaded easily. It is easier to learn English using Sanskrit as the base. The one who aspires to know the Indian culture deeply should resort to Sanskrit.

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