These Landscapes With Auroras Illuminating the Night Sky Will Take Your Breath Away

Canadian photographer Neil Zeller is a professional photographer who has taken 100s of photographs. He have taken shots of everything from cityscapes to remote mountains to corporate events, his heart ultimately belongs to the night sky and its myriad of breathtaking wonders. Twinkling stars, bright hints of the Milky Way, and the otherworldly glow of auroras stretch above silhouetted landscapes and manmade landmarks in his stunning images. With a fresh and spectacular view of the northern lights in each photo, Zeller’s shots are dazzling reminders of the beauty and mysteries of the cosmos.

Photography is where I cleanse my spirit, nourish my soul, and am truly happy

I see the world around me in 4×6 boxes. My eyes capture wide angles, interesting corners, beams of light, and faraway things. My goal is to capture in my camera, the story my eyes could never tell you.

I photograph because I love to show people what I am seeing exactly how I am feeling and seeing it.

My favorite subject to shoot is the night sky. It’s my hobby within my business.

Using long-exposure techniques that are normally required for aurora photography, combined with the fact you are typically out in the dead of night, you can show people a world that they wouldn’t ever see in their normal lives.

My advice to aspiring photographers is to learn everything they can about business. To start a photography business is more than just taking amazing photos. It’s all the things that make up any great business, and if you don’t take care of them all, you are destined to struggle.

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