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  • The Concept of Brahman in Vedas is Beyond any Concept of Absolute

    First, let us analyze what Hindu Dharma holds to be the Absolute. In Sanskrit, the ultimate goal, or shall be say, the Absolute of Hindu Dharma is “Brahman”. The word derives from the root “brh”, meaning “that which grows” (brhati) or “Which causes to grow” (brhmayati). Is Brahman “God”? When we talk about Brahman, most […]

  • Why do Bad Things happen to Good people?

    Imagine viewing a motion picture mid-way. In the film, an apparently guiltless man is playing with his children and after that, some policemen thump at his entryway and capture him. You may think this is so frightful ” Why did this happen he doesn’t merit it! ” But having come while the film was in […]

  • Vivekananda Answers Christians About Worshiping God Idols in Hinduism

    The tree is known by its fruits. When I have seen amongst them that are called idolaters, men, the like of whom in morality and spirituality and love I have never seen anywhere, I stop and ask myself, “Can sin beget holiness?” Superstition is a great enemy of man, but bigotry is worse. Why does […]