Why do Bad Things happen to Good people?

Imagine viewing a motion picture mid-way. In the film, an apparently guiltless man is playing with his children and after that, some policemen thump at his entryway and capture him. You may think this is so frightful ” Why did this happen he doesn’t merit it! ” But having come while the film was in advance, you might not have seen what as of now happened. Maybe the man submitted some extortion, some trick or plotted a murder.

Along these lines, in view of shallow appearances, one may state, “Gracious, he was such pleasant father. Why did he need to endure so?” But there were things that the man did that prompted to him being captured that we are unaware of.

Additionally, in our lives when we see so much unfairness and shrewdness around us, the vast majority of us ask why God is silent. Why me! What did I do to suffer this?” And why doesn’t He make a move? The greater part of these inquiries can be replied by the law of Karma.

In spite of the fact that individuals think about it, the complexities of karma are hard to appreciate. The word karma is a Sanskrit expression that implies, activity, or action, additionally passes on, that for each activity there is a response. In traditional material science there is a comparative thought: for each activity, there is an equivalent and inverse response. Whatever we do in the material domain makes a response. “As you sow, so shall you reap.” The Vedic literature clarify that there is an incredible chain of circumstances and end results, of activities and responses, and that the complexities of activity and response are hard to appreciate.

When all is said in done, the response for a decent deed is material happiness and the response to an evil movement is the pain. As the karmic record, can’t be dark or white however have a million shades of dim, accordingly, everybody endures a combination of pleasure and pain.

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Karma thus locks us up in a cycle of action and subsequent reaction. Some which are about and some we are not like the analogy of the movie. As long as we are in this cycle, we will experience both happiness and distress. Even if we act in a pious way, we destine ourselves to accept another material body at death to enjoy the reactions to our materially good actions. As long as we accept a material body we can not avoid the miseries of disease, old age, and death.

Seeing through spiritual standpoint and principles of reincarnation, we can see life with a broader perspective – not of one brief lifetime, which is nothing more than a flash in time, but from the standpoint of eternity. With this broader vision, we can understand how each of us individual souls is alone responsible for what happens in our life.

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