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  • Why do Hindus Prefer Birth Anniversary To Death Commemorations?

    Being altogether different from the Christian routine with regards to grieving the passing of Jesus Christ (Good Friday), and celebrating the affliction of holy people, or the Shia Muslim routine with regards to grieving the demise of the Prophet’s son in-law’s family (Muharram). Hindus do favor birth anniversary (Jayanti) over death commemorations (Punya tithi). Be that […]

  • The Benefits of Wearing Silver Toe Ring According To Vedas

    India is a multi-social nation, where there are many traditions, conventions of different religions. Hindu Shastras clarify that right up from our decision of sustenance, dietary patterns to garments and organization of individuals we live with, everything profoundly affects our mind-cerebrum and well-being. In Hindu religion, you’ll find a few Hindu religious texts, characterizing and exhorting […]