8 Mind-Boggling Facts About Draupadi You Haven’t Heard Before

One of the greatest epics of Hindu religion is Mahabharata, of which we claim to know a lot about. Mahabharata is an epic narrative of the Kurukshetra War and the fates of the Kaurava and the Pandava Princes.

There are a lot of things in this scripture that is still a mystery for many. Perhaps because some of the stories were never shown on the television. One such story was of Draupadi, the character that needs no introduction.

The princess of one of the most prominent kingdoms who was believed to have been born from fire. A fierce woman who never believed in weeping and mewling about tough times rather faced them with utmost conviction.

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Draupadi’s Fierce Personality

Uncommon in the way of life of antiquated circumstances, Draupadi never trusted in staying quiet and requested justice when she was mishandled. Frequently called as Yajnaseni, Draupadi was not an ordinary kid, but a woman conceived from the fire as a grown-up.

She strongly condemned extraordinary warriors, for example, Bhishma, Drona, Kripacharya and her spouses for not sparing her from the embarrassment amid the Cheer- Haran.

Draupadi Was Given A Boon To Be A Virgin

Draupadi was given a blessing to stay a virgin. Before Draupadi moved starting with one spouse then onto the next, she strolled through the flame to recapture her virginity and virtue.


Draupadi’s Feminist Provision

At the point when Draupadi consented to be the common spouse of Pandavas, she had one condition. She said that she wouldn’t impart her household to some other lady.

Draupadi’s Curse to Dogs

As per the understanding that Pandavas had with Draupadi, just a single sibling brother was permitted to enter her chamber at once and was assumed to keep his shoes outside as an indication. However, one day, a dog took away Yudhishthira’s shoe, infuriated Draupadi despised dogs by saying: “All the world will see you have sexual intercourse in broad daylight, stripped of all disgrace.”

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Draupadi Had Trust Issues With Her Spouses

During Draupadi’s CheerHaran, she begged and screamed in the court for help, however, none of her spouses showed the boldness to retaliate for her affront. Ever since then, she had lost trust on her husbands.

Her reasons were genuine as the Pandavas delayed murdering Kichaka, the unworthy man who mishandled her in the last year of their exile, due to a paranoid fear of revealing their mystery personalities.

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Draupadi was an Incarnation of Kali

In South India, it is believed that Draupadi was an incarnation of Goddess Kali, who was destined to help Lord Krishna to obliterate the arrogant Kauravas.

Lord Krishna was her Exclusive Companion

Draupadi constantly considered Lord Krishna as her sakha (companion). Lord Krishna was the only genuine companion who acted as the hero when she ended up in desperate conditions.

Hidimba’s Vengeance


Draupadi despised Bhim and Hidimba’s child Ghatotkacha as Hidimba was a witch. Owing to the same infuriated Hidimba went ahead and cursed Draupadi. This was the reason behind the end of the Pandava pedigree.

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