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  • The Benefits of Wearing Silver Toe Ring According To Vedas

    India is a multi-social nation, where there are many traditions, conventions of different religions. Hindu Shastras clarify that right up from our decision of sustenance, dietary patterns to garments and organization of individuals we live with, everything profoundly affects our mind-cerebrum and well-being. In Hindu religion, you’ll find a few Hindu religious texts, characterizing and exhorting […]

  • 10 Mathematical inventions in ancient India that changed the world

    Mathematics is the science that deals with the logic of shape, quantity, and arrangement. Math is all around us, in everything we do. It is the building block for everything in our daily lives, including mobile devices, architecture (ancient and modern), art, money, engineering, and even sports. It represents a high level of abstraction attained […]

  • Read the story of an untrained dancer who revived classical dances

    So far we have read about people who are deeply passionate about the various forms of classical dances. They choose to dwell on the subject by enrolling themselves for training classes or read more on the subject. We know they possess a natural instinct and creative mindset to be able to execute the difficult steps […]

  • 20 Important Lessons from Chanakya to Develop Strong Leadership Skills

    Chanakya was a well-known economist and a political adviser. His works were lost towards the end of the Gupta dynasty and later discovered only during 1915. Chanakya was an Indian teacher, philosopher, and royal advisor. He was initially a professor of economics and political science at the ancient Takshashila University in Takshashila (in present day […]

  • The Ancient Art of concentration – Five Powerful Hindu Practices

    Concentration is the method where an individual can focus on one matter by mental effort and undisturbed mind. The art of concentration is the way to develop the mind to be able to concentrate. Hindu religion and tradition has been in the forefront of developing this art, as it is the only religion besides Buddhism […]

  • Travel To Witness The National Symbols Of India

    There are various national symbols of India including, national emblem, national animal, the national bird, and etcetera. So, today we are going to discuss these symbols that reflect different aspects of India: National Emblem The national emblem of India is taken from Sarnath, Lion Capital of Ashoka. It consists of four Asiatic lions, of which […]

  • Logical Reasons Why Hindus Avoid Sweeping at Night

    Everyone must have heard from his or her guardians or older people that one should not sweep and mop at night because it might bring about some negative impacts. But what are these negative impacts? I have always wondered but never dared to ask or question them. Today, when somebody talked about this issue, I […]

  • The Great Indian Thali – History and Culture behind the food

    Like the Italians the Indians are very serious about their food and a trip to the Indian subcontinent is incomplete without intriguing ones palate with the Thali. Mind you each region has its own thali and contents seem to vary but the essence – Very much Indian. Ancient people discovered ways to present, enjoy, and […]

  • Indian illustrator mixing the styles of Mahabharata and modern films

    Mukesh Singh has been working as an Illustrator, motion graphics artist, senior game artist, CG modeler and animator, and senior illustrator and concept artist for various comics, game, and film and television projects. Singh’s comics work began with Virgin Comics. He was selected by Marvel comics to design an armor for Indestructible Hulk. He has […]

  • The Science behind Wearing Hindu Ornaments

    Wearing ornaments is part of Hindu culture. From wearing rudraksha to gold to silver to different colored pieces of jewellery, Hindus have been doing so for centuries, and most consider this to be an ostentatious act. But what if I tell you that there is a science behind this too? First, we see that women […]

  • Teaching Bhagvad Gita is compulsory in schools, according to new Lok Sabha bill

    On March 10, 103 private member bills were introduced in Lok Sabha, and one of them indicates that educational institutions compulsorily need to teach Bhagavad Gita. This private bill was initiated and moved by BJP member Ramesh Bidhuri. Other private bills include Maintenance of Cleanliness Bill that prohibits people from littering, spitting and urinating in […]

  • Women wearing Bindi

    The Hindu Forehead Dot, Bindi Is More Than Just An Ornament

    Wearing a bindi is a popular culture among the Hindu women, especially if you go to South Asian countries such as India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Mauritius. Bindi is a distinct dot worn on the middle of the forehead, just above the in-between of eyes. The literal translation of bindi is “a drop, small […]