Travel To Witness The National Symbols Of India

There are various national symbols of India including, national emblem, national animal, the national bird, and etcetera.

So, today we are going to discuss these symbols that reflect different aspects of India:

National Emblem

The national emblem of India is taken from Sarnath, Lion Capital of Ashoka. It consists of four Asiatic lions, of which only three are visible and the fourth is hidden. The national emblem was adopted on the Republic day i.e. 26th Jan 1950. Also, it has an elephant, lion, bull and a horse engraved on it.

Photo by Zim Luo on 500px.com

Visit ASI museum in Sarnath near Varanasi to see the pillar of Ashoka.

National Flag or Tricolor (wheel of law)

Our national flag is tricolor with three different color stripes. Saffron stripe at the top, followed by white and last is green. In the middle of the white stripe is a wheel also known as chakra navy blue in color which consists of 24 spokes.


Visit the Capital City, New Delhi to see the Tricolor.

National Animal

Bengal Tiger is the national animal of India and is also known as the jungle king. Tiger was declared as the national animal in 1973 before that lion was the national animal. Tiger is known for its power, strength, and grace and it demonstrates India’s wildlife wealth.

Photo by Ananda Banerjee on 500px.com

Visit Sundarbans in Bengal to have a closer rendezvous with Tigers.

National Flower

Lotus is considered as the national flower of our country. It has great importance otherwise as well, because it is the flower of goddess Laxmi. It symbolizes purity of mind and heart.

Photo by Anuradha Sarup on 500px.com

Visit the Indian villages to see the gorgeous Lotus. Villages of Goa, Assam, and Kashmir

National Bird (Indian peafowl)

Majestic Flight by Ravindran Rajan on 500px.com

The national bird of India, known for its grace, beauty, and joy is the peacock. It was declared as the national bird in the year 1963. Peacock also holds a place in our Indian mythology as it is the bird of Lord Kartikeya.

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Visit Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary in Rajasthan to see the graceful Peacock.

National River

Sunrise Over The Ganges River by Anatoly Berman on 500px.com

Ganges or Ganga is the national river of India. Ganga is considered as the most sacred river in our Hindu mythology.

Visit Haridwar, Allahabad or Varanasi to feel the auspicious Ganga.

National Fruit

Photo by Kiran Valipa on 500px.com

Mangoes originated in India and thus are truly Indian. Since ages, mangoes are cultivated in India, there are large varieties of mango that are found in India and so it is the national fruit of our country. Mango is also considered as the king of fruits. Visit farms in Andra Pradesh.

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