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  • 10 Indian Inventions and Discoveries that Shaped the Modern World

    The famous American author Will Durant writes in his book of The Story of Civilization about the Indian civilization: “It is true that even across the Himalayan barrier, India has sent to the West such gifts as grammar and logic, philosophy and fables, hypnotism and chess, and above all numerals and the decimal system. India […]

  • Greatest Minds of the World that Changed our Way Of Living And Thinking

    Anybody that uses IQ numbers as anything other than a very rough proxy for intelligence, and/or attempts to estimate past figures IQs is either naive, disingenuous or both, and often times is trying to sell you a discount IQ test. FWIW, Serious IQ tests don’t go to 230. There’s only so fast you can solve […]

  • 10 Accidents that led to Wonderful Inventions

    Inventions are outcomes of heavy experimentation and labor on the part of the scientists and inventors, but sometimes its the twist of fate sometimes that lead to inventions. Here are 10 such stories. 1. Penicillin Inventor: Alexander Fleming – Year: 1928 What Happened: Halfway through an experiment with bacteria, Alexander Fleming up and went on vacation […]

  • Funny Patents – 10 Ridiculous Things People Patented

    The World we live in today provides an array of inventions that have made our life easy and safe. Having said that, there are also many inventions that have been rendered useless over time and yet people have gone lengths to have them patented. Here is a list of perhaps the most useless patents of […]