Funny Patents – 10 Ridiculous Things People Patented

The World we live in today provides an array of inventions that have made our life easy and safe. Having said that, there are also many inventions that have been rendered useless over time and yet people have gone lengths to have them patented. Here is a list of perhaps the most useless patents of all time.

1. Animal Ear Protectors

2. Glasses that are pierced to your face. You’ll never misplace them again.


3. Jet Powered Surfboard

4. This kissing shield is part of a game that teaches kids how to ward off STDs and cooties.

5. Nicotine-infused coffee can give you multiple addictions


6. Edible business cards

7. The rock, paper, scissors card game for people too lazy to use their hands


8. A funnel that helps women urinate accurately on the go


9. Meat-flavored booze made from real animal extract


10. Apparatus For Simulating a “High Five”

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