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Six Must have Apple Accessories for Business Travelers

Apple accessories and products have made a niche in the global market for its designing and exceptional functionalities. More and more people are found to be using Apple products because of their convenience and usefulness. There has been a high influx of such products in the domain of business travelers.

The use of Mac Books and iPads and other Apple items has increased among the business travelers. The products from Apple stand out from the rest, and there are several products and accessories that will take your experience to a different level and make the business trip seamless. Let us find out such items from for Apple user.

1. World Travel Adapter Kit

Are you an international jet setter? If your answer is yes, there is every possibility that you might land in a nation that doesn’t provide the proper adapter to charge your device. Thanks to Apple as it has designed an adapter kit that features seven adapters for Mac Books and iOS and works in UK, North America, China, Japan, Korea, Australia, Brazil, Continental Europe and Hong Kong. It costs around $29.

2. Backup battery

Do you have the experience of dealing with a dying laptop battery especially when there is no charging plug outlet available? Whether your answer is affirmative or negative, it is better to get hold of a battery backup from Apple and never let your laptop run out of power. There are several brands available including Monoprice model, Targus model, etc.

3. Bluetooth ear buds

With the aid of the Bluetooth ear buds, there is no scope of headphones getting tangled up especially when you travel. This is one essential accessory for any business traveler.

4. NomadClip

Carrying too many numbers of cables is not a very option while you are traveling. Thanks to NomadClip which is actually a carabiner chip and can be used as a charger cable for iPhone as well. You can clip it to your bag or belt, and the keychain version is also available.

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5. PlugBug

This is a 2.1 Amp USB wall charger that functions as the adaptor for MacBooks. When you connect it, both your MacBook and iPhone or iPad can be charged at the same time. Thus, there is no need to carry all the chargers for your devices while traveling.

6. iPhone battery case

The battery pack case is one of the useful go-to travel accessories for iPhone users. Apart from protecting your phone, it also includes an additional battery power that can be used for charging.

The above mentioned six accessories are essential for business trips. Will you consider any of the above mentioned?

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