The peculiar stone forest of Huayllay is a must visit place in Peru

The amazing stone formations in the Huayllay National Sanctuary known as the “Bosque de Rocas”, or “Stone Forest” were created by slow erosion and date to the Cenozoic age. Thousands of rock pillars dot the landscape. Today it is a popular destination for rock-climbers. This would make a splendid weekend getaway if you live somewhere around the region.

Las 7 Llaves - Bosque de Piedras de Huayllay by Jean Pierre Astiguetta on 500px.com

If you please by Edgar Asencios Travel Photography on 500px.com

The Huayllay National Sanctuary is a park in Peru located in the Meseta of Bombón in the Huayllay District of Pasco Region. The sanctuary is noted for the large scenic rock formations of the rock forest of Huayllay and its native plants and animals. The rock formations date to the Cenozoic age, and have been progressively worn down through erosion, and now stand above a valley. The formations are sometimes compared to Shilin Stone Forest in China and Garden of the Gods in the U.S.A.

Stone Forest Huayllay / Perú by Edgar Asencios Travel Photography on 500px.com

Bosque de Piedras de Huayllay - Pasco. by Telmo Cáceres on 500px.com

They come in all shapes and sizes of varying degree of weirdness. It is common to see faces of humans or animals and even towers or beasts among the formations. Near the stone forest, there are thermal water fountains such as “La Calera, Gosphi and Yanahuato” measuring to 60 degree Celsius. These thermal waters have high curative properties and have heavy reputation among the locals. Huayllay also has an archaeological zone known as Bombomarca which is the abode for lots of cave paintings.

Source: wikipedia.org | 500px.com

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