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10 Stunning Places To Visit So That You Can Expand Your Travel Bucket List

The world in which we live is full of amazingly beautiful places that most of us do not know they exist. We have compiled a list of ten beautiful places to visit around the world so that you can expand your travel bucket list accordingly.

1. Everest Region – Nepal

Mount Everest, Gokyo Lake Nepal
Photo – Gokyo Lake, Everest Region [Source – 500px ]

2. Santorini, Greece

Source: Flickr

3. Hasliberg, Switzerland

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4. Kauai, Hawaii

Source: Flickr

5. Iguazu Falls, Argentina


Source – 500px

6. Machu Picchu, Peru


Source – 500px

7. Melissani Cave, Greece


8. Foss a Sidu, Southern Iceland


9. Angkor Wat, Cambodia


Source: 500px

10. Ladakh, India


Source: 500px

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