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  • Jatashankar – Natural cave temple symbolic of the hair of Lord Shiva

    The Jatashankar, the natural cave has stalactite, an icicle-shaped formation hanging inside from the ceiling, with waters dripping from it continuously and people revering it as 108 natural lingams. Jatashankar is 2 km short of the beautiful cantonment area of Pachmarhi in Madhya Pradesh. It is a surprise visit for many people who seek respite […]

  • These Root Bridges In Northern India Aren’t Built – They’re Grown

    In the dense tropical forest of the Northeast Indian state, Meghalaya, you can find some amazing man-made natural wonders known as living root bridges. The living root bridges of Meghalaya, India are made from the roots of the Ficus elastica tree. Native to the northeast region, Khasi tribe trained them to grow from the roots of […]

  • Mount Pinatubo

    8 Most Beautiful Lakes in the Philippines You Should Visit

    The Philippines is known to be geologically blessed with breath-taking bodies of water, and what more beautiful than lakes in the country. Here’s our pick of eight most beautiful lakes in the Philippines. 1. Lake Carolina (Baganga, Davao Oriental) These sparkly lake bases in Baganga and is sparkly because it’s so clear and the sun […]

  • Five Lesser Known Hill Stations You Should Visit In India

    If you are planning to visit some of the hill stations in summer, these lesser known hill stations will in no way be less enchanting in providing the utmost thrilling experience and joy. Gifted with natural beauty it ensures you a peaceful break away from the crowded and commercialized attractions of life. When mercury levels […]

  • Collection of Small and Meticulous Tattoo Work Inspired by Nature

    Newyork based tattoo artist, Donghwan Kim AKA Evan creates artistic micro tattoos.His tattoos look very detailed work of art with the combination of splendid shading and fine line work. His tattoos are influenced by nature. You can follow him on Instagram for daily inspiration of artistic tattoo work. Ornamental Lucky As simple as it gets […]

  • This Bird Species has a tough time finding love – Flies over 13,000 kilometers

    Things that living beings do for love: Fly 100 miles; get rejected; fly another 100, get rejected again. And the cycle of rejection continues. That’s the lonely life of male pectoral sandpiper in Alaska, says the new study. But some of them are so persistent that one male was found to travel more than 8,100 […]

  • 15 Crazy Natural Phenomena that can take your breath away

    Nature is a crazy in itself, much in a beautiful way. You might already know about the Northern Lights, but here are some of the craziest natural phenomena that you get to see across the world: 1. Bioluminescent Red Tide Ocean phytoplankton creates a thick, visible layer near the ocean surface while reproducing like bunnies. […]

  • Forest Photography – Beautiful Photos of Woods in the Netherlands

    Forests are something different than other natural subjects. For photographers, forests offer numerous different compositions even in a very small area because of the different lighting, shapes, and color of the trees in different seasons. Dutch Photographer, Nelleke Pieters captures beautiful photos of Forests. Most of his forest photos are taken at the Dutch Veluwe, […]

  • Insanely Gorgeous Sunrises Around The World You Should See In This Lifetime

    Here are some insanely gorgeous sunrises around the world. Some are best seen from specific spots; others are great no matter where you view them — but all are definitely worth waking up for. Masada, Israel Masada, which means fortress in Hebrew, is a majestic fortress on both the eastern edge of the Judaean Desert, […]

  • Meet the new synthetic photosynthesis that can absorb CO2 way faster than plants

    Plants and Trees help to reduce 25 percent of our carbon emissions to produce fuel for itself during photosynthesis. But the problem is, nature’s system for doing this is quite slow and inefficient, but what if it could be boosted?  A new study from German researchers has developed a synthetic system to incorporate CO2 into […]

  • 30 minutes in nature could reduce risk of heart disease & poor mental health

    People who spend more time in Nature are much less likely to have poor mental health and high blood pressure than those who don’t, according to research by Australian and UK environmental scientists. Visiting parks for 30 minutes or more each week reduces the risk of heart disease, stress, anxiety, and depression. A study led […]

  • The peculiar stone forest of Huayllay is a must visit place in Peru

    The amazing stone formations in the Huayllay National Sanctuary known as the “Bosque de Rocas”, or “Stone Forest” were created by slow erosion and date to the Cenozoic age. Thousands of rock pillars dot the landscape. Today it is a popular destination for rock-climbers. This would make a splendid weekend getaway if you live somewhere […]