Five Lesser Known Hill Stations You Should Visit In India

If you are planning to visit some of the hill stations in summer, these lesser known hill stations will in no way be less enchanting in providing the utmost thrilling experience and joy. Gifted with natural beauty it ensures you a peaceful break away from the crowded and commercialized attractions of life. When mercury levels are rising up during the summer holidays these places are the best solutions to beat the heat. India, a land of diverse culture, heritage, languages, and people are bestowed with scores of beautiful hill stations.

The incredibly beautiful scenery, lofty mountains, picturesque hills all along with the pleasant climate takes our soul to the doorstep of heaven. To get the perfect refuge from the heat, India is blessed with some superb, but lesser known hill stations.

Agumbe, Karnataka

Agumbe is a hill station located in the Shimoga district in the state of Karnataka where you can experience wonderful sunsets, verdant village vistas, glistening streams, and lofty hills. Agumbe is one of lesser known hill station in India. If you are and about thrill and adventures, then Agumbe is the perfect destination for you with fascinating trekking routes. It is also known as ‘Cherrapunji of South India’ due to heavy rainfall.

For a wonderful trekking experience, October to May is worth to visit Agumbe.

Misty sunrise at Agumbe. by Agnisoonu K on 500px.com
Misty sunrise at Agumbe. by Agnisoonu K on 500px.com

Sunset point, Kunchikal Falls, Barkana Falls, Onake Abbi Falls, Jogigundi and Kodlu Theertha Falls are the major attractions in Agumbe.

Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh

The Khajjiar hill station in Himachal Pradesh has been ranking as the 5 lesser known hill stations in India. The pleasant and mild climate with sprawling vegetation, beautiful lakes and streams make it known as the Switzerland of India. It even has a topographical resemblance with Switzerland. It is a forest glade of great beauty surrounded by high mountains.

The month of May-July and September-November is the best time to pay a visit to Khajjiar.

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Serene by Nitin Prabhudesai on 500px.com
Serene by Nitin Prabhudesai on 500px.com

Prime attractions of Khajjiar are the Khajjiar Lake and Golden Devi Temple. The Khajji nag temple can give you a glimpse of Pandavas and Kauravas.

Daringbadi, Odisha

Daringbadi of Kandhamal district in Orissa is a region of rich cultural heritage. Its historical background can be traced from the fact that the travelers of medieval history were very much familiar with the Ghats of Kandhamal. Even in the British era, because of the cool climate and natural beauty of Daringibadi, the route running through the hill station was named as the Great Military Road by Britishers. The serpentine Ghat roads, the healthy climate, the scenic beauty of forests and most significantly the gorgeous pine jungles and coffee gardens mesmerize the tourists visiting here and also it is one of the 5 lesser known hill stations in India.

Image credit – mycitylinks.in

Situated at a height of 915 m in Kandhamal and 300 ft above sea level it is also called as the ‘Kashmir of Orissa’. The place is gifted with wonderful valleys, natural bounties and the only place in Orissa that experiences snowfall during winter and is worth going to. Phulbani, Balaskumpa, Chakapad, Belghar, Kalinga are some other places of attraction in Kandhamal district.

Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh

Pachmarhi hill station is one of the most scenic and beautiful hill stations in India. Located in Madhya Pradesh, this hill station is popularly known as the ‘Queen of Satpura’. Magnificent waterfalls and the beauty of nature are the prime attractions of Pachmarhi. Discovered by captain Forsyth, a British soldier, it is famous for its architectural finesse.

Divine Blessings by Nilesh Bhange on 500px.com
Divine Blessings by Nilesh Bhange on 500px.com

The month of April-July is the best time to visit Pachmarhi except during the rains.

The places that are recommended for sightseeing in Pachmarhi are Bee Falls, Chauragarh Dhupgarh, Jatashankar, Mahadev, Pandavas Caves and Tamiya.

Waterfall by Aman Shrotriya on 500px.com
Waterfall by Aman Shrotriya on 500px.com

Saputara, Gujarat

Saputara in Gujarat is one of the 5 lesser known hill station in India. It is Located at an altitude of 873m, the hill station of Saputara is in the state of Gujarat.This hill station gives you a treat with some uncluttered and simple hills and beautiful lakes in the Dang forest area of Sahyadri range. It has a cooling temperature with the adventurous trek, the Hatgadh fort or the legendary Pandava caves to trek down to the nearby village.

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Saputara Hill Station,Gujarat, India by Ravindra Goswami on 500px.com
Saputara Hill Station,Gujarat, India by Ravindra Goswami on 500px.com

The best time to visit Saputara is from the middle of March to November.

Some of the best visiting places are Saputara Lake, Nageshwar Mahadev Temple, Vansda National Park, Sunset Point, Purna Sanctuary, The Rope wear, Valley View Point, Gira Falls, Botanical Garden, Museum, Unnai Mata Temple and Hot Springs, Vanil Udyog, and the acrobatic dance form, Ambapada is a major attraction here making it a colorful affair among the people over here.

Evening at Sputara by by Ravindra Goswami on 500px.com
Evening at Saputara by Ravindra Goswami on 500px.com

So these lesser known hill stations have many beautiful things to explore. Therefore instead of visiting the well-known places, it’s better to discover these scenic places which would definitely make your vacations a memorable one!

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