Charismatic iPhone 7 is finally revealed to the world with its new amazing features

Here comes the iPhone 7 to amaze you with its new features. We have been waiting this whole week literally to see the iPhone and finally, it amazed us with its glorious features. Yesterday on September 7, the CEO of Apple Cook revealed the awaited iPhone 7 to the waiting world. Phil Schiller the senior vice president said that it was the best iPhone ever made. apple-ceoThere are two versions of iPhone as previous years, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. Apple has introduced the A10 chip for the first time for iPhone 7. Both iPhone 7s will be both water and dust resistant with an improvised camera with optical image stabilisation- 6 element lens with f/1.8 aperture, which is 60% faster than iPhone 6. apple-underwaterCamera is 12MP with a single lens whereas 7 Plus has a dual lens camera which will help you to capture wild angle picture which is really a good built up. In a battery, the capacity is supposed to be lasted 2 hours more than iPhone 6 and 7 plus battery last one hour more. You might feel little sad to hear that new iPhone does not have 3.5mm audio jack input. But there’s a free set plus an adaptor for 3.5mm jack headphones. Earphones will only be able to connect through Lightning port.airpodsThe good add up in the event was that it also released the new wireless ear buds with infrared sensors to detect when it is in your ear and play. Battery capacity lasts 5 hours and comes with a charging case. Apple has given a Super Mario on this new iPhone supposed to hit the app store this year. apple-stereo-speakerFor the first time, iPhone has front firing stereo speakers. The phone will be available in 32GB, 128GB, 256GB with the choice of colours (gold, silver, rose gold, and jet black). The devices will be available starting September 16 in the US which will cost 649$ and 769$ for Plus. It will be available after October 7 in India.

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PS: IOS 10 will be available in the store from September 13.

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