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10 things you didn’t know by could be powered by USB

USB drives come a long way from being just flash drives to some more useful and creative devices which you might never have imagined possible!!!

Prepare to be amazed.

1. USB Heated Blanket

USB Blanket

  • keeps computer users warm while they work
  • Plug in one USB port for low heat or both ports for high heat

2. Amoeba Dual Purpose Digital Microscope

USB Microscope

  • zooms up to just 200x,
  • paired with a 1.3-MP digital camera, the Amoeba can share pictures to a PC via USB

3. Sharp USB Plasmacluster Air Purifier

Sharp USB Plasmacluster Air Purifier

  • humidifies the air while creating copious amounts of ions.

4. Reading Glasses with Integrated LEDs for Nighttime Reading

e hammacher-led-reading-glasses

  • pair of plastic-framed, plastic-lensed reading glasses
  • magnification options of 1x to 2.5X available – with integrated LED lights in each corner

5. USB Iron


  • USB-powered iron that folds small enough to fit into even the smallest shirt pocket.
  • rear half of the iron is where the three AA batteries and mini-USB 2.0 port are housed

6. USB Flash Drive Bottle Opener

USB can opener

  • 8GB flash drive that also opens bottles!
  • Drinking and data, together at last

7. USB Fishquarium

USB Fishquarium

  • Combination fishtank, desk lamp, clock and pencil cup
  • Low voltage pump and filtration system runs off of USB power

8. Dual-Heated Travel Mug

Dual-Heated Travel Mug

  • keeps all 16 ounces of your morning joe at optimal temperatures
  • also works via car charger

9. USB Self-Misting Hairbrush

USB mist hair brush

  • A hairbrush that sprays a misty shot of water
  • De-tangles your locks, waters them…and charges via USB?

10.Mini USB-Powered Fridge

mini fridge

  • Powered entirely via your computers USB port Internal blue LED illumination
  • Keeps one 12oz can of beverage chilly cold

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