10 Wacky One-Liners That Explain Why Being Single Is Damn Awesome

Whoever thinks being single is difficult, I’d say try it, and you’d become a fan. You bet!

There’s no denial in the fact that being single, at times, is nothing less than a hangover.  But when you are pretty high on life, hang-over is just a phase. But hangover doesn’t keep you from drinking, does it? So, if anyone of you is going through the ‘hangover’ phase, hold your horses, my friend, as this too shall pass …

“It could be raining men, but I’d still be single!”
Happy Single

Here’s raising a toast to all the singles out there and best wishes to all the committed freaks as I’m going to remind you of that truth – Being Single is Bloody Awesome!  So, fasten your seat belts and take a deep breath as these 10 quirky one-liners are going to take you a roller coaster ride to Awesomeness:

1. Behind every successful man are a bunch of jobless relatives asking him to find a girl and get married.

2. There are so many amazing people I wish to have sex with, Oh Wait! I can!

3. Tell the engaged suckers that the most I spent last month was on me.


4. They all thought single and thought alone. She saw single and thought free.

5. It’s not just that long-term committed passive aggression simply isn’t for me.

6. They made being single look scary, but she was a fan of horror.

7. Instead of getting hitched, I think I’ll just get a tattoo if I ever want something permanent.

8. If being single is such a bad thing, maybe God should have made it a bit less amazing.

9. I’m focusing on myself for now and forever, in case you are wondering.

10. Whoever said finding love was hard obviously didn’t own a damn mirror.


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