6 Reasons Why Singles Are The Sexiest People Alive

The feeling when you see them approaching, the heartbeat rising when you talk to them, the lips trembling when they kiss you – love, indeed, is an intricate emotion. It’s incredible how some people can just make us happy even with the slightest of gestures. But you know what’s the best feeling ever? Being your own special person!

It’s pretty obvious that we feel incomplete without ‘the special one’ by our sides, thanks to the way we have been raised. But time teaches us all. Before we plan to stay single, most of us have gone through heartbreaks. But there are a few stronger beings who feel complete with their own selves, without having the need of anyone being at their side. And certainly, this is one of the reasons why ‘Singles’ are my favorite kind of people. But this doesn’t end here. There’s a complete list why singles are the most amazing people.

They are the reason for their happiness. They don’t depend on anyone else for the same. Singles do not burden people with expectations nor feel bothered about their expectations from them.

Unlike most of us, singles do not try to find love because they don’t think they would cease to exist if not for romance.

They’re their own heroes. They don’t wait for that someone who could drag them out of their comfort zone, make them realize who they are and love their lives.

These few people, however, don’t look at relationships as a validation to their own existence. They know relationships are just a part of life, not its entirety.

They’re content with who they are, what they want, what they love. They don’t feel the need to change to please people.

They are not afraid of being alone because they enjoy their company. They are being on their own and there can be nothing sexier than that.

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