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  • Management and leadership lessons You Can Learn From Hindu Dharma

    We all know that Shiva and Indra were both gods. Shiva achieved his immortality by meditation or shall we say Tapasya. The Kama, the god of desire, was sacrificed during the Tapasya. Indra too achieved immortality by yagna by satisfying the Bhoga. When there is a desire for Bhoga, there will always be a yagna. […]

  • The Importance of Brahma Muhurta – The Ambrosial Hours

    Waking up is usually hard for some people. Either you pull an all-nighter, you’re addicted to social media to the point you barely get time to sleep on time, you actually work really hard or you’re a night owl. The 8-hour quota of sleep makes us hit the snooze button. But research backs our ancient […]

  • art of living ashram bengalore

    10 Best Ashrams in India for Spiritual detoxification

    All across the world Indian culture is widely known for its richness and its diversity. Due to which hundreds of thousands of spiritual seekers from across the world are attracted towards the culture of Indian. Amongst all, definitely, the much appreciated and attractive one is Yoga and Meditation, which is a combination of the physical, […]

  • Enhancing health and quality of life with Ayurveda

    From the Ayurvedic teachings, it can be found that our life or our meaning in existence is not that rigid, but rather instead, there is a harmonious flow in it. If we consider the five elements of nature – earth, water, air, ether, and fire – that comprise the entire universe is not rigid as […]

  • Raja Yoga

    Here is why Yoga is known as path to unite with God in Hindu Dharma

    Yoga is a Sanskrit word when translated to English means union. Yoga is the union between individual consciousness and the Infinite consciousness or God. Yoga is both spiritual and physical, which teaches that people should attempt to unite the individual spirit to God, to atman – the individual soul or essence of a person – […]

  • famous yoga retreats in India

    Famous Yoga Retreats in India to balance your mind, body and soul

    India is the country where Yoga was born and now it has spread its wings to different regions in the world. For sure, the country India strikes your mind when you think about meditation and spirituality. Yoga is the way of achieving the union of spirit and universe. Far from the hubbub of cities are […]

  • Meditation Is Not Daydreaming But Your Gateway To Positivity

    Meditation is often misunderstood by people for daydreaming and so there is so much confusion about its actual meaning. People take meditation as a way through which they can get rid of their problems, however, it is a way through which you can help others and yourself. Meditation helps people gain positive thoughts and drain […]

  • Spirituality Is Not To Be Confused With Religion

    Often misunderstood and misinterpreted by people with religion, Spirituality is more of an individual practice and relates to the process of developing beliefs around the meaning of life and connection with others. Religion, on the other hand, is a particular set of organized beliefs and practices, usually shared by a community or group. The present […]

  • Depression Can Be Healed Naturally – Yes, You Heard It Right!

    With over 121 million people affected worldwide, depression is considered to be one of the most crucial psychological complications for people of different age groups. Depression has the ability to lead people to suicidal tendencies, which is the only reason for over 850,000 deaths each year. Till date, there could not have been any no […]

  • What happened when Buddha got enlightened?

    When Lord Buddha got enlightened, he was silent for a week; he didn’t say a word. All the Gods and the angels got worried that he is not saying anything. They pleaded him to say something because what he says will benefit people for ages to come. Lord Buddha came 2,500 years after Lord Krishna, and […]

  • This sound meditation technique was introduced five hundred years ago

    We tend to lead such riotous ways of life, and regularly get got up to speed with the rodent race. As a country we are worried! Insights demonstrate that countless are seeing the GP with manifestations of stress, tension, and wretchedness. Many are either on antidepressants, anxiolytics, dozing tablets, or else being alluded to therapists […]

  • Seven Relaxation Techniques To Unwind If You’re Over Stressed Up

    Undeniably, we are extremely busy in our lives. We are unable to find enough time for others, in fact, not even for ourselves at times. The sad truth is, we are so busy running the rat race that we don’t have time to unwind ourselves, to relax a little.  We do not have time to […]