“Meditation is the most important aspect of my life”- Clint Eastwood

Academy award winning actor, director and composer Clint Eastwood is a proponent of meditation and specifically Transcendental Meditation (TM). Clint calls meditation the most important aspect of his life. TM is part of the worldwide movement helmed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the Indian saint, who had a profound impact on the cultural history of the west. The movement has many famous celebrities and millions of followers around the world.

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Having a “macho” image on screen, the 90 years old actor has been practicing meditation, twice a day, for decades. He credits a large part of his success to his regular practice of meditation which has helped him manage his emotions and rid himself of stress. It has helped him “feel more alive, keep going and growing”, in his own words. He considers TM a great tool which can benefit everybody. He is able to remain energetic and creative even at this advanced age, because of his meditation practices. 

‘If one is not happy, one has lost the very purpose of life. If one is not constantly developing his intelligence, power, creativity, peace and happiness, then he has lost the very purpose of life. Life is not meant to be lived in dullness, idleness, and suffering; these do not belong to the essential nature of life.” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Clint specifically vouches for the “near-miraculous powers of meditation in overcoming war stress” and recommends it for army personnel and war veterans. It is a great tool for healing for those who have suffered severe stress in war. Known for portraying violent and hardened characters on screen, Clint Eastwood is a role model for millions of people. He sets an example for everyone to take up the ancient Indian practice of Meditation and Yoga to lead a happier and fulfilled life. Clint has received 4 Academy Awards and 4 Golden Globe awards for his brilliant performances. He also owns a production house by the name of Malpaso Productions.

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Meditation is a form of Yoga, called ‘Dhyaan’ which is a part of the eightfold Ashtanga system of Yoga which originated in India thousands of years ago. Yoga and meditation have gained incredible popularity in recent years around the world, with millions of people regularly practicing it. 

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