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  • Breathtaking Landscapes In China That You’d Think Only Existed In Fairy Tales

    Japanese photographer, Kyon.J captures breathtaking landscapes of Guilin city of China. An extraordinary view of the River Li winding through steep mountains filled with the fog can easily attract any landscape photographer. Known throughout China for the sheer beauty of the surrounding nature, Guilin is a very popular destination for Chinese tourism. The giant trees, the […]

  • Mount Everest isn’t really the tallest mountain in the world

    Mount Everest gained its popularity as ‘highest peak in the world’, but in reality, it isn’t according to According to one report. The world’s highest mountain is actually Chimborazo – a stratovolcano in Ecuador that’s part of the Andes mountain range – because it’s the furthest point from Earth’s centre and, therefore, the highest in […]

  • 15 Breathtaking Photos of Lakes With Reflections

    Nature really is a great gift that we got from the creator. It really feels good when you travel around the world and see amazing and beautiful mountains, landscapes, waterfalls, lakes etc. These post features amazing and beautiful landscapes reflections in the lakes from various part of the world.