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  • Here is why India Helped Bangladesh become an Independent nation in 1971

    Many of us know that India helped to form Bangladesh which was East Pakistan. But it is still debated that India could have taken Bangladesh to its territory in 1971 rather than helping them to become independent from Pakistan. I found that many people have their own perspectives. But, what could be the logical answers […]

  • Top 10 Outstanding Muslim inventions You Probably Do Not Know

    With the alarming rise of islamophobe everywhere in the world, its very easy to forget that its only a certain sector of people causing havoc to everybody including their own. What we all have to fight against nowadays are hate and ignorance. And this includes ignorance of the Muslim contribution to the global civilization. Here […]

  • Muhammad Ali’s 132 Words Strongly Defends Muslims From Around The World

    Muhammad Ali, boxing legend, and America’s most famous Muslim died yesterday at age 74 died at a hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, after being admitted on Thursday. Muhammad Ali converted himself to Sunni Islam in 1975. The Leading Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump announced his plan to ban all Muslims from entering the US, last year. […]

  • 5 Terrorist Attacks On America Committed By Non-Muslim Terrorists

    Every time one of the attacks like Paris Attack happens, many insist on blaming on Muslims for their complicity, even though the majority of terrorist attacks are carried out against Muslim.Christian right-wing terrorists in America have killed more people since 9/11 than Muslim terrorists have Here are 5 worst christian terrorist attacks in American history 1. The Knoxville Unitarian […]

  • CCTV Footage Captures A Man Pushing Muslim Woman Into Oncoming Train In London

    A 81 year old man, Yoshiyuki Shinohara, is being held on charges of attempted murder after he pushed a Muslim woman into oncoming underground train in London. CCTV footage shows the man standing behind the woman before pushing her on the path of the train as it arrives. The victim slams into the train before […]