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  • Is Adama and Havyavati, the real names of Adam and Eve?

    Some people compare the story of Adama and Havyavati in Bhavisya Purana with the story of Adam and Eve of Abrahamic religions. Were Adam and Eve in Biblical Reference, in fact, Adama and Havyavati of Bhavisya Purana? The story of Adama and Havyavati goes like: In Hastinapura, the son of Kshemaka, Pradyota, was leading the […]

  • 7 Interesting Curses in Hindu Puranas You Probably Don’t Know

    If you’ve seen some of the old, “dramatic” Bollywood movies, then you might have heard this dialogue quite often: “I CURSE YOU”, and as the storylines thicken, the curse actually does affect the person and his/her fate. In Hindu epics, there have been some interesting Shraaps (Curse) that have been addressed to gods and mortals that […]

  • 4 Reasons why Lord Brahma is not devotionally worshiped

    One of the common questions among the ones trying to know about Hindu dharma is “Why is Brahma not worshiped as much as Vishnu and Shiva?” Or even “Why Brahma has only a few temples all across the world, but Vishnu and Shiva have tons?” Let’s debunk the reasons for it: Reason #1 Shiva Purana […]