Is Adama and Havyavati, the real names of Adam and Eve?

Some people compare the story of Adama and Havyavati in Bhavisya Purana with the story of Adam and Eve of Abrahamic religions.

Were Adam and Eve in Biblical Reference, in fact, Adama and Havyavati of Bhavisya Purana?

The story of Adama and Havyavati goes like:

In Hastinapura, the son of Kshemaka, Pradyota, was leading the assembly when the great Sage Narada appeared before them. He said, “Your father was killed by the mlecchas, therefore he went to the Yamaloka. If you perform the mleccha-yajna’, then he would be freed to go to heaven.” When he heard about this, he called upon the best Brahmanas and started the ‘mleccha-yajna’ in Kurukshetra. They even built a yajna-kunda for the program and started to offer the oblation of mlecchas to demigods. Upon succeeding, his father went to heaven and he then became famous as “mleccha-hanta” or “destroyer of mlecchas”. He even ruled the earth for 10 thousand years; his son ruled for two thousand years.

Mleccha ( म्लेच्छ) is an ancient Indian term for foreigner – Wikipedia

Back in the days, Kali Purusha, along with his wife, prayed to Lord Narayana and after some time, Narayana appeared to him. He said, “This age is a good time for you and I will have all your desire fulfilled. You should visit a couple by the names Adama and Havyavati, and they will increase the generations of mlecchas.” He disappeared after that.

So, Kali Purusha went in search of the couple.

The story then continues in the future.

There used to be a huge God-given forest on the eastern side of Pradan city, as big as 16 square yojanas in size. Adama used to live under a Papa-Vriksha or a sinful tree. One day, he was waiting to see his wife under the tree when Kali Purusha came there in the form of a serpent. The husband then ate the forbidden fruit of the sinful tree and they lived by the leaves called udumbara. Their offspring all became mlecchas. Adama lived for 937 years. His son Sveta-nama lived for 912 years. Sveta-nama’s son Anuta ruled for 100 years. His son Kinasa lived more than 900 years. His son Malahalla ruled for 895 years. His son Virada ruled for 160 years. His son Hamuka was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu and went to heaven with the same body.

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Mlechha dharma came into existence as such. It includes of having good behavior, wisdom, qualities like that of a brahmana, and the great souls of the mleccha dharma is more like a devotion to God, worship of fire, non-violence, austerity, and control of senses.

So, here, you can see that it not exactly like the biblical story of Adam and Eve. However, they did eat a forbidden fruit, and they did produce a generation of a specific race. But they were Mleccha race. They were not the progenitor of our human race, as how Adam and Eve had been for in Biblical mythologies.

Having said that, one cannot deny the similarities, though only mere similarities, in both the stories.

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