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  • Dasha Mahavidyas

    Dasa Mahavidyas – The 10 aspects of Adi Parashakti

    The feminine divinity is a powerful entity. From mother nurturers to the destroyers, from knowledge to wealth, they encompass every aspect of the physical and spiritual realm. A part of such powerful entity is the Mahavidyas. The ten Mahavidyas, or Wisdom Goddesses, represent distinct aspects of divinity intent on guiding the spiritual seeker toward liberation. […]

  • Reasons why we worship Shiva (the destroyer) but not Brahma (the creator)

    As we are aware, there are few temples of Brahma; one at Pushkar in Rajasthan and another is in Tamil Nadu called Kumbakonam. The stranger fact is that there still is no tradition of worshipping Brahma in the Indian culture. Even in the Trimurti Holy Trinity concept- G.O. D- defined as Generator, Organizer, and Destroyer. […]

  • The Origin of Gandharvas and Beautiful Apsaras in Hindu Dharma

    Hindu Religion is home to many mystical creatures each bestowed with their own existence purpose and role in the cosmic harmony. The Gandharvas are often associated with music while the Apsaras are known for their beauty which often plays the catalyst in bringing down a deeply meditating guru or a Rakshasa (demon). They are portrayed as […]

  • 4 Reasons why Lord Brahma is not devotionally worshiped

    One of the common questions among the ones trying to know about Hindu dharma is “Why is Brahma not worshiped as much as Vishnu and Shiva?” Or even “Why Brahma has only a few temples all across the world, but Vishnu and Shiva have tons?” Let’s debunk the reasons for it: Reason #1 Shiva Purana […]