Most Famous Historical Attractions in Turkey You Should Visit

Here is a list of some of the most popular tourist attractions in Turkey, along with the nearby hotels.

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia is one of the best preserved ancient buildings in the world and it is one of the best tourist attractions in Turkey.  Built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian in the sixth century AD, the building was converted to a mosque with the Turkish conquest and today operates as a museum.

Hotels Near Hagia Sophia: 

  • Ottoman Hotel Imperial
  • Boutique Saint Sophia İstanbul
  • Sura Hagia Sophia Hotel & Spa
  • Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul At Sultanahmet
  • White House Hotel Istanbul
  • Zeynep Sultan Hotel
  • Villa Hagia Sophia


Turkey is awash with too many ancient cities, making it quite tough to visitors to select just one for this list. However, famous Ephesus is near modern Selcuk. It comprises some World’s best preserved Greek and Roman ruins and remains a well-trodden part of the tourist trail from nearby resorts such as Kusadasi and Izmir.

Tourist attractions in Turkey

Hotels in Turkey Near Ephesus: 

  • Labranda Ephesus Princess
  • Hotel Akay
  • Ayasoluk Hotel&Restaurant
  • Palm Wings Ephesus Hotel
  • Hitit Hotel
  • Ephesus Suites Hotel
  • Ephesian Hotel Guesthouse

Cappadocia Underground Cities

Among the renowned fascinating and intriguing tourist attractions in Turkey are the Cappadocia Underground Cities. Built over a period spanning hundreds of years, the Cappadocia Underground Cities includes several such complexes, shopping malls, theaters. The top tourist locations are the underground cities of Derinkuyu, Kaymaklı, Özkonak, Mazi, and Ürgüp.

Tourist attractions in Turkey

List of Nearby Hotels to Cappadocia Underground Cities: 

  • Cappadocia Cave Suites
  • Kelebek Special Cave Hotel
  • Grand Cave Suites
  • Osmanli Manor Hotel
  • Shoestring Cave House
  • Anatolian Houses
  • Maccan Cave Hotel
  • Ufuk Hotel Pension
  • Ottoman Cave Suites

Topkapi Palace 

The Topkapı Palace in Istanbul is a huge, ornate palatial compound and it is the fifteenth-century former residence of the Ottoman Sultans. Visitors flock through its gates to witness its courtyards, Ottoman architecture, and famous Muslim and Christian relics.

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Tourist attractions in Turkey

List of Neighborhood Hotels to Topkapi Palace: 

  • Cappadocia Cave Suites
  • WOW Topkapı Palace
  • Hotel Topkapi

Anzac Cove

Anzac Cove is the place where the Gallipoli Campaign in World War One was held and the place has witnessed months of bitter fighting between Allied troops, particularly those of New Zealand & Australia and the forces of the Ottoman Empire. The fight was an attempt by the Allies to defeat the Ottomans out of the war and its failure marked a high-point for Ottoman forces during the conflict.

However, now the battlefields of this campaign are marked with a series of museums, memorials, and cemeteries where visitors can pay their respects and learn about the somber history of these costly events.

Tourist attractions in Turkey
Anzac Cove Turkey

Basilica Cistern

A hidden gem, the Basilica Cistern rightly ranks among the best tourist attractions in turkey. It’s an ancient, an underground wonder and one of Istanbul’s best Byzantine sites, this old water storage chamber is composed of vaulted ceilings, imposing columns, and even ornate carvings of the ancient Gods.

Tourist attractions in Turkey

Hotels that are situated Nearby Basilica Cistern: 

  • Boutique Saint Sophia İstanbul
  • Sura Design Hotel & Suites
  • Adamar Hotel Sultanahmet İstanbul
  • Antusa Palace Hotel
  • Hagia Sophia Hotel İstanbul Old City
  • The Million Stone Hotel

Turkey is one of the most visited countries in Europe for many years now.   The landmarks and landscapes in Turkey are truly breathtaking and historical. So if you want to explore the beauty of Turkey, plan and set on the journey of a lifetime.

Flights to and from Turkey

If you are planning to visit this beautiful picturesque destination, you have a host of airlines to choose from. Turkey’s national flag carrier, Turkish Airlines connect the beautiful country of Turkey to destinations worldwide.

Turkish Airline

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