Photographer Creates Amazing GIF Portraits With Isolated Movements

French photographer Romain Laurent created GIF portraits as a spontaneous project that would encourage him to produce consistently for himself rather than clients. Laurent studied product design at the National School of Applied Arts in Paris before he was a photographer. Laurent nows works in New York City and has collaborated with clients such as Reebok, Hermes, Lacoste, Nissan, Google, and GQ.



Although GIFs often incorporate the whole subject, These GIF portraits highlights one or two specific movements, isolating gestures rather than animating the whole image.




Each GIF portrait is simple in its concept—a snap of the finger, a twist of the hand—yet is elegant in its composition of muted colors and subjects often centered squarely in the frame.



You can see more of GIF portraits on his Tumblr, and on his Giphy page here

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