There is something about visiting Beautiful Towns on Perilous Cliff Sides

The effort that must have taken to build these amazing towns on cliff sides and hill tops is reason enough to go see them. More often than not they are absolutely breathtaking. Also most overlook the sea to create that perfect postcard scene. We have got 5 of the best cliff side towns for you to add to your list.

1. Castellfollit de la Roca, Spain

Castellfollit de la Roca by Orlando Henriques on 500px.com

La roca_2 by Juan Carlos Arranz on 500px.com
Medieval Castellfollit de la Roca sits atop a 160 ft. volcanic cliff, in the Catalonian Pyrenees region. This 1,000 person village gets steady tourists but only few hotels, exactly the sort of place to calm your senses.

2. Manarola, Italy

Manarola (Cinque Terre) by Marc Mateos on 500px.com

 Vernazza by Raúl García on 500px.com

The uber-colorful Italian village of Manarola is not the most precariously placed cliff-side but may be the most beautiful. The local specialty is Sciacchetrà, a sweet dessert wine that tastes of honey and apricots. Manarola is one of five villages in the Cinque Terre area of the Italian Riviera. The other four villages, not incidentally, have rather cool cliff-side locations as well.

3. Al Hajjarah, Yemen

traditional Yemeni houses by Anthony Pappone on 500px.com

Al Hajjarah village ,Established 800 years ago by Yahya AlObaedi on 500px.comThe fortified clifftop center of the village was originally built by the Ottomans in the 11th century, partly for military purposes and partly to serve as a Muslim enclave for what was then a mostly Jewish village. Today, Al Hajjarah makes for a striking trekking destination.

4. Bonifacio, France

bonifacio by giovanni cultrera on 500px.com

Bonifacio (France - Corse) by Jaroslav Hruska on 500px.com

Bonifacio sits at the southern tip of the French island of Corsica. The town’s position, strung out along white limestone cliffs, not only overlooks one of the island’s best harbors but also the strategically significant straight that separates Corsica from rival island Sardinia. More recently tourism has been the force driving Bonifaciens to build holiday homes and B&Bs on the cliff’s edge where the view out across the Mediterranean Sea is rather spectacular.

5. Ronda, Spain

Another brick in the bridge by Simo Tynys on 500px.com




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