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These are some Strange things Banned in Countries around the World

Well, some things need to be banned for the greater good but following is a list of things you might see everyday in your life but are strictly kept away from reach in some other country. It is going to seem strange but the authorities have the logic to defend the decision too. Have a look. What do you make of them ?

1. Corner Fridges in Norway

You guys might think Norway is a super relaxed, liberal, open-minded country where we rarely ban anything. You are wrong! There are lots of things banned in Norway, and corner fridges in one of them because they do not pass environmental certifications.


2. Advertisement of alcoholic beverage in India

Although ads of alcohol is banned, the companies employ clever tactics like calling them music cds or sodas etc


3. Sandals in Capri

Capri, an island located in the Campania region, Italy, is a popular tourist destination. However, if you decide to visit avoid wearing flip flops. Flip flops and sandals that make loud noises are banned.


4. Plenty of things in China

China is notorious for its tendency to control things in Tibet but the law that the Chinese government passed in 2007 was just beyond absurd. According to the law, it’s illegal for the Tibetan monks to reincarnate without the government´s permission.


In China it is illegal to ignore your parents.

In china it is illegal to check your GMail or Facebook.

In China 2D version of Avatar movie is banned because they did not like the message of the movie, they banned only the 2D version. As China has very few 3D theatres, it almost amounted to a total ban.

5. Cannot die in Palaces in UK

Another popular law passed in England is the one prohibiting people to die in the Houses of Parliament. Completely true and confirmed, the law was based on the fact that the buildings counted as a royal palace, therefore anyone who died there was technically entitled to a state funeral.

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6. Dressing up as woman in Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is also a place where men are banned from dressing up like women. According to an old law, it is illegal for a man to appear in public wearing a strapless gown.


7. Claire Danes in Manila

Manila, the capital of the Philippines, banned all of Claire Danes’ movies due to her disrespectful interview while promoting the Brokedown Palace. Claire is also banned from entering the city.


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