The Chants of Harey Ram Harey Krishna in Russia

Known as the Sanatana Dharma, “the eternal law”, Hindu religion has been the oldest religion to be followed in the world. Being the oldest religion it is also the vastly followed religion among people. From India and Nepal, it has now reached to countries like Russia, China, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and many other countries. No doubt it has gazillion followers today. Talking specifically about Russia, Buddhism has spread its root in the country widely. According to Religious Census 2010, there were 140,000 Hindus reported in the country. Mainly the Hinduism in Russia has been spread with the expansion of Missionaries. Here are a few facts that will surely add to your knowledge about the bond between the religion and the country.

1.The Ancient Vishnu Idol

hinduism in russia

In an old village of Russia’s Volga Region, an idol of Hindu deity Vishnu was found. The idol found in Staraya Maina Village dates back to 7th – 10th centuries and hence confirms Vedic presence. In Rig Veda, Staraya Maina has been told as the land of 45 rivers which was a home to several horse sacrifices by ancient Rishis.

2. Hindu Organizations

hinduism in russia
Ramakrishna Ashram in Moscow. Source: Belur Math

Several Hindu Organizations like International Society for Krishna Consciousness, Brahma Kumari, Ramakrishna Mission and Ananda Marga are based in Russia. Also, ISKCON and Brahma Kumari are believed to be a part of Russian community since a long time. These organizations spread teachings of Hinduism in Russia.


hinduism in russia
Obsidian Forum

4000 years old Aryan city was unveiled when archaeologists of Russia found some ancient and virtually unknown settlements which they believed to be built by Aryans. Reportedly, they have found 20 spiral-shaped settlements in southern Siberia bordering Kazakhstan. These buildings date back to the beginning of Western Civilization in parts of Europe. The language of Aryans has been the predecessor of  a number of languages in European tongue, as said by TV historian Bettany Hughes, “We are all told that there is this kind of mother tongue, proto-Indo-European, from which all the languages we know emerge.”

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4. Artifacts found

hinduism in russia
Hindu Terminal

Archaeologists have found make-up equipment, a chariot, and numerous pieces of pottery. The artifacts have Swastika signs all over them. In ancient times, Swastikas were the sign of Sun and Eternal life which later, Nazis took as a symbol of their master-race.

5. Presently in Russia

hinduism in russia
International Yoga Day at Brahma Kumari Center in Russia. SOURCE: One Link

The Federal Registration Service of Russia registered 84 Krishnaite communities in December 2005. Russians also follow Slavic Vedism as their religion which has similarities with Hinduism. Moreover, the country has AN ISKCON TEMPLE, whose construction was debatable, in Moscow. Brahma Kumaris have 20 centers in Russia. With the passing time, the impact of religion is growing on Russians.

These discoveries speak a lot about the origination of Hinduism in Russia. Therefore, it could be said that Hinduism which dated centuries back in Russia, still has its presence.

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