The Five Elements of Nature and the Reasons to Balance them

According to Hindu dharma, it is said that there are five elements that comprise of everything: Akash (space), Agni (fire), Jal (water), Prithvi (earth). We need to understand these five elements to understand the problems in life – be it about our relationship or financial issues or physical issues or mental issues or even our spiritual life. If there is any sort of imbalance between any of the element, then it can cause these problems. And the only the way to solve these problems is to balance the elements.

Why Balancing Five Elements (Pancha Mahabhootas) is essential for your life?

Five Element of Life

Know what these elements are about:

Akash (Space)

Space defines the gap between two things, and it is also the element of non-resistance. Thus, it talks about how there should be some sort of space maintained between our joints, relationships, thoughts and so on. For instance, in case, there is any sort of space reduced between our joints, then we do feel joints pain. Likewise, if there are any sorts of spaces reduced in between thoughts, then it can affect our mental health. Even in the relationship, there needs to be a certain level of space.

Vayu (Wind)

Wind signifies the unstable movement, cold and dry. The element must flow perfectly in life to have stability. In case the wind flows rapidly, then it can cause twitching of muscles physically, unstable relationship, flickering mind mentally. And in case there is less amount of wind, it can result in lack of ideas, no bowel movement, low blood pressure, laziness, lack of spark in the relationship. If you are considering a business, then lack of wind can result in lack of footfall.

Agni (Fire)

Fire signifies heat that makes things mature, assists in melting and purification. Agni can transform anything: it can transform solid to liquid, liquid to gas. When there is a balance of fire, then it can melt the cysts of an ovary, fibroids of a uterus, osteophytes of joints and spine. However, if there is an increase of fire, then it can increase burning of chest, dark urine with burning, anger, aggression, and others. In case there is lack of fire, then it can reduce appetite, diabetes, lack of creativity and even the warmth of relationship can reduce.

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Jal (Water)

Water represents coldness. It helps to lubricate and possesses cohesive properties. Water is very flexible and can take any form when poured into any glass. Excess of water, however, can cause swelling in the body. Water also represents adaptability and flexibility, which are vital parts of relationship as relationship needs adjustments and attachments.

Prithvi (Earth)

Prithvi represents solidness. The earth is rigid, heavy and stable. It can hold something and stop something. When there is lack of pritvhi, then your hairs might fall, teeth might become weak, bones might become brittle, the bleeding might not stop, relationships might be unstable. In case there is an excess of it, the digestion can be difficult, tumors might be formed in the body. There needs to be a perfect balance to have a healthy physical, mental and relationship life.

There are many therapies to balance these elements – acupressure, reiki, Vastu, color therapy and so on.

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