The Hindu influences in the music of Trevor Hall

The music of the American singer, songwriter and guitarist, Trevor Hall is inspired by eastern mysticism and particularly the Hindu traditions. Trevor who is himself deeply spiritual pours his inspirations into his music which even incorporates Sanskrit chants. India, he considers his motherland, his “spiritual home” forever.

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Trevor was introduced to Yoga, Meditation and Spirituality at the age of 16, which deeply impacted him. He was also inspired by Neem Karoli Baba whose picture he first saw in the dorm room of one of his friends and went on to read the book “Miracles of Love” by Ram Dass. Neem Karoli baba was  a Hindu guru and devotee of lord Hanuman.

Hinduism: Neem Karoli Baba

Trevor’s music took a huge turn after this spiritual influence before which it was ‘about crush on a girl or something’. Trevor even met his wife, Emory Hall on his visit to India. His music also embodies a deep appreciation for the natural world and he is passionate about water conservation. His fan following call themselves the “Villagers”. Known to live his life as a monk, Trevor even took a vow to not cut his hair for 12 years which he followed for 6 years. 

In his own words –
“For me it was getting on this spiritual path and being inspired by all these saints and people that had such a connection to the earth and who spoke about the earth as a living being, as the mother of all of us”.

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The earth is considered our “mother” in the Hindu traditions. The way Hindu traditions have shaped the life and spiritual journey of Trevor is an inspiration for everyone.

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