This Amazing Machine Can ‘Print’ Brick Roads Up To 20 Feet Wide

Part printer, part pasta press, this amazing machine can spit out a perfectly uniform sheet of brick walkway up to 20 feet wide. As construction workers insert bricks into the machine’s forward compartment, RoadPrinter automatically processes the bricks and spits the assembled road from its rear, leaving a meticulously crafted path in its wake.

Roadprinter runs entirely on electricity, moving at a speed of 13 feet per minute


RoadPrinter can lay upwards of 5,300 square feet of bricks in a single day


As Belgian manufacturer RPS notes on its website, the machine carries ergonomic benefits for its operators: “Because the finishing of the edges is directly done on the machine, the pavers do not have to get on their knees for fixing the edges (They work in a good ergonomic position which makes their job much lighter and more efficient) and the road is filled and finished instantly!” – According to TechInsider

Roadprinter can assemble bricks vertically, and then slide down a ramp slowly to rest on the ground.


Source – Vidinterest

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