This Guy Managed To Capture A Video Of Most Secret Place Of USA – Area 51

A pilot has taken to the skies to prove the truth is out there – by allegedly flying a DRONE into the top secret Area 51 airbase in America. Hans Faulkner claims to have filmed some of the world’s most restricted airspace with his remote controlled device.


Faulkner described the site as “very difficult to move around”, adding that “white trucks follow us and hide when we record them”. The trucks belong to base security – dubbed “Cammo dudes” – who are authorised to use deadly force against anyone caught trespassing. The perimeter of the base also features warning signs, motion sensors and infra-red cameras.

The name ‘Area 51’ derives from its marking on 1950’s Nevada Test Site maps. Today, the official name of Area 51 is Air Force Flight Test Center, Detachment 3, or AFFTC Det. 3 for short. The facility was originally designed for the testing of U-2 spy planes, and ultimately Stealth technology would be born there. The secret site has grown to many times its original size. The USAF took over command of Area 51, and its airspace in 1970. CIA acknowledged the existence of Area 51 on August 15, 2014

On December 8, 2013, President Obama makes an off-hand comment about Area 51, becoming the first President to publicly acknowledge its existence.

There is a sliver of truth to the conspiracy theory that the moon landing was staged at Area 51. Various space equipment – including land rovers and life support systems – were tested by the astronauts at the adjoining nuclear testing grounds.

moon-landingImage Credit – Space.com

The geography of the area makes the location perfect — mountains obscure the base from view, and the few roads running through the region are easily monitored. Surprisingly, the boundaries of the base aren’t even fenced. Any unassuming visitors are alerted to go no further only by orange warning signs spelling out that deadly force is authorized.

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The best (legal) vantage point that’s still publicly accessible is a mountain called Tikaboo Peak. It’s about an hour’s hike up, and even then a view of Area 51 is far from guaranteed. At 26 miles from the base, it’s nowhere near close.But on a clear day, someone with a drone and some good camera equipment can get decent shots of the visible infrastructure.


Source – Mirror.co.uk

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