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This Is Real Jetpack Powered By A Real Jet Engine

There’s a lot of fake jetpacks out there, but finally we get to see a real one in action. JetPack Aviation has recently released test footage of the JB-9, the world’s only true jetpack. So what makes it a true jetpack? Unlike other jetpack prototypes, the JB-9 is powered by a real jet engine and is capable of a vertical take-off and landing.


According to the designers, the ultimate goal is to create a jetpack that can launch a pilot thousands of feet in the air within a matter of seconds. Though the JB-9 is still in the testing phase, work has already begun on the JB-10. JetPack Aviation promises that its next version will lift the pilot 10,000 feet in the air and travel at 100 mph. We’re very close to the day when you’ll have to decide whether to take your self-driving car to work in the morning or your jetpack. Personally, I’ll choose jetpack everytime.

h/t : Wimp

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