Clever Turk Creates Privacy Glasses that Hides screen to all but the Wearer

Strangers looking at your phone over your shoulder can be a pain in the backside. A bit of privacy in public places would be great. And this clever Turkish guy, Celal Göger has made it possible with his special glasses at least for just himself at the moment.


Göger, a 42-year-old mobile phone repairman from the Turkish town of Bismil, Diyarbakır province, has invented special glasses that interact with a smartphone’s screen so that only the wearer can see it. He said he came up with the idea for the glasses four months ago, when, while checking his emails on the local tram, he noticed people on the packed vehicle were staring at the screen of his phone. He realized it was a serious privacy issue that surely other people were facing on a daily basis. So he went back to his phone repair shop and started working on a solution.

He came up with a system that turns the screen of any phone, tablet or laptop completely white for everyone looking at it, unless they are wearing a special pair of glasses that allows them to see the screen normally. Celal programmed a small chip to turn the display white and installed it on the smartphone. He also came up with another chip that can be mounted on any pair of glasses and connect to the chip on the phone via Blutooth, to bypass the white screen.


The best part about Celal Göger invention is that he claims it only costs around $10, including the Bluetooth system which switches the mechanism on and off. He adds that his privacy protection system works on any electronic display, even television sets. For example, if you want to watch a program, but don’t want anyone else knowing what you’re watching, you just put on the glasses, flip a switch and the screen goes white for everyone but yourself.

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Celal Göger is currently trying to get his invention patented, after which he plans on focusing on various options to mass produce it. If correct, the price will likely not be an issue, nor, I suspect, will demand.

Source: teknokulis.com




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