10 Most Amazing Pictures of Cute Lion cubs

Collection of cute lion cubs photographs captured by various photographers. These photographs of lion cubs are handpicked from popular photo community 500px.

Lion Cubs, Kenya 2009

Future Leader


A very young lion cub leading the way. One of five cubs in the litter. Photographed in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

A Handy Chin Rest


As if to take a rest, this lioness has discovered that one of her baby cubs made for a convenient chin rest.

If I’ve Told You Once …..

I’ve told you a thousand times: you’re supposed to sneak up from behind!

Seeing eye to eye

Honing the skills needed in later life, baby cubs often play with their mother and other older but usually less tolerant members of the pride.

Brothers in Arms

Two cute lion cubs captured in the middle of their play time one morning in the Sabi Sands reserve in South Africa.

Follow me . . . . I’m right behind you .

Mixed set of cute lion cubs following the pride, Masai Mara, Kenya

Maternal Bond

Lion cubs bonding with their mother.

Lion Cub

Six-week-old lion cub. Taken in South Africa.

Perfect Symmetry

In perfect symmetry with mom, these 8 week old cubs confidently explore their new world.


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