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  • Coal Plant in South India revolutionizes the disposal of CO2

    While the growth of industries ensures the economic success of a country, much harm can be brought about by the unplanned establishments. Thanks to such acts increase in pollution, harm to wildlife and human life and depletion in the ozone layer has been instrumental in causing Global warming. While most of the industries are focused […]

  • Lack of Toilets is Heavily Contributing to the Women related crimes in India

    Reporter Rhitu Chatterjee has covered the story on a very personal issue for every Indian girl and woman — access to toilets. And made a report that will shock Indians living in and out the country about the condition of India. About 70 percent of families in India don’t have access to toilets, whether in rural regions or urban […]

  • Severe pollution causes Beijing to shut down 2500 firms

    Beijing will close 2,500 small polluting firms this year in its latest effort to combat pollution, state news agency Xinhua reported on Saturday, citing the municipal government. Pollution is a sensitive topic in China, with thousands of protests sparked every year by concerns about environmental degradation, particularly from factories. Four districts in the capital, which […]