Thought-provoking illustrations showing devastating effects on nature

Environmental issues are the most significant of many problems that we are facing right now. In this post, we are featuring a series of thought-provoking illustrations titled “Destroying Nature is Destroying Life.” This awareness campaign was created by designer Surachai Puthikulangkura and agency Grabarz & Partner for German environmental activist group Robin Wood.

To demonstrate the detrimental effects of human activity on the natural world, these illustrations depict three different landscapes that have undergone most of the damage. Each of those is represented by an animal that comes from the respective habitat.

In the illustrations below, you can see the icy landscape of the Arctic with melting glaciers, which is caused by the climate change. Factors like greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation make average atmospheric temperatures constantly increase. As a result, polar bears and other Arctic animals are being threatened.

Destroying Nature is Destroying Life

Destroying Nature is Destroying Life arctic

The effects of deforestation

Destroying Nature is Destroying Life forest

Destroying Nature is Destroying Life deforestation

The catastrophic consequences of fires, associated with human activity, on tropical rainforests

Destroying Nature is Destroying Life rainforest

Destroying Nature is Destroying Life forest fires

It is estimated that due to the human impact on the natural environment, the vertebrate species are now disappearing up to 100 times faster than the normal. At the same time, the loss of habitat, caused by human industrial activities, has, in fact, lead to the extinction of 52% of wildlife in the world.

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