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  • When Hindu Dharma Meets Fiction – Best Fictional Hindu books

    While the subject of Gods, Jiva, Atma, and Paramatma seem too heavy for some people to contemplate and follow, some people find it easier to grasp the essence of Hindu dharma by fictionalizing and humanizing the mighty Gods. As long as it serves as an instrument of the propagator of the core essence and the […]

  • 15 Thought Provoking Drawings that Urges us to Think about the Daily Realities of Life

    Polish illustrator Pawel Kuczynski cleverly uses satire to portray today’s social, political and cultural reality. He has worked in satirical illustration since 2004, specializing in thought-provoking images that make his audience question their everyday lives. Even if you don’t agree with the messages behind some of these illustrations, it’s impossible not to appreciate the creativity […]

  • Collection of 10+ Very Creative Illustrations Work

    Damascus based artist Rahaf Dk Albab created these amazing pieces of artwork by combining freehand drawing and the digital techniques. Rahaf studied Graphic Design in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus, Syria. This talented artist love to combine freehand drawing and the digital effects Gravitated to watercolors and wonderful effect Collection of 10+ Very Creative Illustrations Work   […]

  • 25+ Best Example of Geometric Tattoo Idea

    Geometric shapes have been used as the elements in many paintings and illustrations. Geometric shape is a form of abstract art which sometimes rendered in illusionistic style. Geometric abstraction in tattoos bring a fresh new approach in the design of the body art. Artists use these basic components of line, shape, form, and texture to create impressive work […]