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  • Guhyeshwari Temple – Both Knees of Goddess Sati Fell Here

    Guhyeshwari temple is the epitome of feminine divinity and is regarded as a sacred shakti peeth. Shakti peeth is considered to be a reference to the female Shakti, Adi Shakti. It is located in close proximity to Pashupatinath temple in Nepal. Pashupatinath and Guweshwari are beautiful representations of the Shiva and Shakti unity. Located on […]

  • 12 Shakti Peethas That Are Located Out Of India

    Everyone knows about the famous Shakti Peetha in India where Lord Shiva’s first wife, Sati’s body parts fell after her death. But they didn’t fell only in India; there are several other Shakti Peetha that are located in other countries as well. So let us know about them too! 1. Hinglaj Shakti Peeth – Pakistan […]

  • The Mystical Secrets of Kamakhya Temple

    The mystical stories attached to the temples seem to enthrall all masses, from children to adults to souls in search of “the answer”. One such legend is the legend of the Shakti Peeths, the feminine divinity that even the mighty gods bow down to. The Legends of Shakti Peeths: After the unwilling marriage between Sati […]