10 Regrettable Things we are Guilty of Doing on Facebook

Facebook is clearly the preeminent source for all things social media and in many ways all things Internet. It’s where everything circulates: the news, the comedy, the viral, the vacation photos, the baby photos and even the political rants from a guy you’ve seen puke on himself drunkenly. Facebook is that powerful. Everyone has been/is currently convinced they need to be on it and share their lives with the world. For that reason, there’s plenty of moments in our long history on Facebook and sharing our lives that we can admittedly wish we could take back.

1. Liked a photo of a person you were crushing on at the time and they knew it yet ignored you, so you though this would somehow positively get their attention. Yeah, it got their attention, and they probably wished they could call the police about it.images

2. Remember back when stacking up your profile with all the entertainment you liked was a thing to do?

Remember how you’ve grown up a lot since that time, yet still get updates about the movie Dodgeball and from 311 to this day due to the fact you liked those things as a teenager? What a horrendous mistake to have made.

3. Wrote something that was rather a private on somebody’s wall before you realized that wall posts (are we still calling it that?) weren’t only seen by the person whose profile it was, but instead by everybody that person is friends with.Facebook_like_thumb

4. Added people as different parts of your family. Um, yeah, just in case you cross anybody and they want to murder your entire family that information should be readily available at the click of a mouse for them.

5. Additionally, adding your parents at all (hopefully my parents don’t read this, nor do yours if you share this because I know you agree).

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6. Accepted friend requests from people you’ve either never met or met only once in your life. From this day forth, unless you can muster up the courage to unfriend a person, you’re stuck hearing a stranger’s thoughts on situations of little to no importance to you.facebook-friend-request

7. Commented on a major news outlet story, so for up to a week you get notifications from that story that some stranger also commented on the story, although they weren’t responding to you in any way, so now you’re just stuck in a wormhole of other people’s opinions about the news.

8. Shared something you were really passionate about. Doing this is taking a leap of faith that you won’t get sucked to the bottom of the Facebook newsfeed algorithm. Thus, your passion is dwarfed by a meme from a guy you went to high school with about how guns and chicks are godsends.

9. Poking somebody at some point. Can we all just collectively agree now that this fad has passed that this was essentially digital rape?bp-poke

10. Quite literally just the action of having signed up for Facebook in the first place. That wasn’t a horrible idea in retrospect.

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